Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 72 Alecrim Natal, Brazil


This week was seriously one of the craziest on my mission. It started off with the news that Sister V. Lopes was getting transferred to the north zone of Natal. My new companion here in Alecrim is Sister Gallo, who is from Argentina, 23 years old, and has 11 months on the mission. I´m super excited to work with her! Plus, Sister Stadler got transferred from Mossoró to Cidade Verde, which is in my zone, so I get to be her Sister Training Leader! I love that girl <3 On Tuesday night, the 5 new sisters who got here last week spent the night (3 of them came straight from the Provo MTC, so I got to be translator to help them out), and on Wednesday and  Thursday night, the sisters who were going home spent the night. And the 4 sisters from the Pirangi ward had to stay at our house all week because their house got robbed and they need a place to stay until they find a new house to live. So our house was crowded all week and there are suitcases all over the floor, which is a little stressful for a neat freak :)

On Thursday, I turned 21! It was one of the best birthdays ever. I got phone calls from Sister Stadler, Sister Nunes, and a few other sisters, and Elder Petter and Elder C. Silva, along with the Pirangi sisters, organized a surprise for me that night. Elder Petter made up some lie about having to renew our passports to get us to go to the mission office, where they had everything set up and were hiding. When we went in, they all came out and sang to me. They bought a 5 liter box of açaí and hung up balloons all over. It was so sweet and I felt special :)

We had a small conference (with our zone and the Parnamirim zone) with President and Sister Colleoni and their 12-year-old son Geovanny, who is surprisingly mature for his age. It was fun to get to know them and they seem great. 

And the best news of the week is that Valtemir got baptized on Sunday! After the baptism, he literally seemed like a different person. He was radiating happiness, and I know he felt the relief of being cleansed from his sins. I could see how happy he was to have a chance to start his life over. 

Sister Weatherford

And last night, Rebecca and Roosvel, the couple from our ward who lives in our apartment building, invited us over to eat dinner with them. Here´s our selfie :)

All of the sisters from the two zones

Valtemir´s baptism!

Sister Teixeira, Sister Stadler, Sister Miller (who are in a trio in Cidade Verde) and me

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