Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 71 Alecrim Natal, Brazil

Goodbye President Soares

We had a pretty interesting week. To start off, President and Sister
Soares were released, and President and Sister Colleoni (from São
Paulo) arrived! It´s both sad and exciting, since the new President
and Sister seem wonderful.

Valtemir made great progress this week; he didn´t drink or smoke from
Sunday until Friday, when he had a relapse. We took Valtemir to the
house of a recent convert named Joacy, who also drank a lot before his
baptism. Joacy bore testimony to Valtemir, gave him advice and
encouraged him, telling him about how happy he is to have left his old
self behind and started this new life as a follower of Jesus Christ.
We´re going to keep working with him until he can get baptized.
Patience is a virtue. :)

Thursday night, we had an activity that we missionaries organized
with our bishop´s help. We did the Iron Rod activity where everyone
got blindfolded and had to follow the "iron rod" (a string) through
the chapel to arrive at the tree of life, which was a plastic tree
with chocolates taped onto its branches. It was a success, and we took
several investigators.

Friday, one of the companionships we take care of had a conflict,
so we had to take a bus to their area and sit down and talk to them to
help them out.

It was a pretty crazy week, but I was blessed with many tender
mercies. One is that a less-active member named Dantas sent us home
with lots of delicious birthday cake on the day we went to visit him.
As I always mention, I´m always amazed by how giving these people are.
We got to eat a delicious lunch on Sunday, a dish called
"escondidinho," which is made with macaxeira (also called
mandioca....I don´t know the word in English) and chicken and is
absolutely heavenly. A man named Eduardo showed up at church on Sunday
with a member from another ward here in Natal, so we´re going to start
teaching him. He seems really great and receptive. And the best tender
mercy of all was a phone call from Sister Stadler. She called me on
Friday, which was a pretty discouraging day, and she told me she felt
like she needed to call me but she didn´t know why. She is so sweet!
And on Sunday, she called me and handed the phone to Aparecida, a
woman we had started teaching the week before I was transferred. She
called to let me know that she had been baptized that day and was
extremely happy :) I love being a missionary, because the work we do
keeps going forward even after we leave.

This week is transfers, so I´ll let you all know what happens!

Sister Weatherford

Pictures: Us with Sister Talentino and Sister Mulberry, who came from
Sousa to renew their visas

Us with the delicious pizza we ordered (yes, that´s chocolate pizza)

This is Aparecida, the woman from Mossoró who called me! Love her! <3 

Us in our area

Us eating açaí :)

Us picking up investigators on Sunday morning

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