Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 70 Alecrim Natal, Brazil


So I honestly don´t have a lot to tell you guys about this week....I think I´m just getting lazy about writing these emails, to be honest. :) It was a good week with super rainy weather, which I love! We´re still helping Valtemir, who had a couple of relapses last week but is still making huge progress. Depending on his progress this week, he can get baptized on Sunday

This month is an exciting one for northeastern Brazilians. June/July is the time of year where they celebrate São João and they have what they call festas juninas with traditional dancing, traditional foods made out of corn, and stuff like that. On June 23, everyone lights a bonfire in front of their house, which is cool, despite being a huge hazard. :) Plus, tons of people have been throwing firecrackers on the street, which always gives us a good scare. It´s been pretty crazy around here. 

And...that was pretty much our week. I don´t have a lot to relate in terms of investigators, because a lot of the people we´ve found haven´t progressed a whole lot. But keep Valtemir in your prayers, please!

Sister Weatherford

Zone conference!

Me and Sister V. Lopes
All of the missionaries who go home in August
Us with President and Sister Soares
Our district (us and Elder Petter and Elder C. Silva, the secretaries)

Pictures of Rakelly´s baptism

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