Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 67 Alecrim Natal, Brazil


On Tuesday,  I was still pretty sick, so Sister Soares took me the doctor and he prescribed me some antibiotics and now I´m all better :)

This was a pretty hard week and we got a little discouraged because we weren´t seeming to find good people to teach. This area is a little bit difficult. On Sunday morning, all of the people we went to pick up didn´t go to church, so we arrived there without any investigators. But miraculously, a man we had invited during the week (Edmilson) showed up, and so did a man that we had invited while we were picking up investigators (his name is Valtemir). And so did a young woman named Joice, who wants to be baptized but her mom doesn´t let her. 

Another miracle this week was that we met a 20-year-old man named João Victor who had already had contact with the church but didn´t end up getting baptized because he had left town. But he accepted a baptismal date for this Sunday! 

So this week, we saw clearly God´s hand in our work. One thing I´ve learned is that God can use our imperfect efforts to do great things. He can do miracles. We were humbly reminded that this truly is His work, and not ours. 

On Sunday afternoon, a member of our ward named Franco went out with us to introduce us to some less-active members. While we were with him, a car stopped right next to us and the driver was a man who served in the João Pessoa mission 15 years ago and served in the Alecrim ward! He had come back to visit Natal, and he and Franco both told us to take advantage of this time we have left, because it´s one of the best phases of our lives. They told us that we will never ever forget our missions, even after we have our own families. It made me excited to think that one day, 15 years from now, I can come back to visit northeast Brazil, this wonderful place that will forever be in my heart :) 

Sister Weatherford

Pictures of my apartment in Alecrim

The picture is one that every companionship is sending to President and Sister Soares, since they´re ending their mission. They go home on July 1!

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