Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 65 Mossoró, Brazil

Service projects, baptisms, and blessings

 On Tuesday we got to eat almoço at Luana (our convert)´s house, who signed up on the lunch calendar. Super cute :) Then we went to Marcos´and João Victor´s house to do a service project. Our whole district went: 4 sisters and 4 elders. Their house is absolutely filthy, so we went there and took everything out and deep cleaned it. I already knew the house was in bad shape, but we didn´t know how bad of shape until we took everything out....and discovered a mouse family (which the elders killed with brooms) and about a thousand cockroaches. I was honestly shocked to see people living in such horrible conditions. There were mountains of dirty clothes that hadn´t been washed for months, full of cockroaches, that we shook out and took home to wash in our washing machine. The bathroom was full of spiders (luckily I wasn´t the one to clean the bathroom). It was disgusting. But it turned out really nice when we finished, and we hung up pictures of Jesus Christ as a finishing touch. Elder Aguiar shaved Marcos´ beard, since he was embarrassed by it at church last Sunday. It was great to have that opportunity to serve some of God´s precious children. 

Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts, Marcos ended up not getting baptized this week. We found out he had been lying to us and had been drinking and smoking secretly. He even tried to lie to Elder Harris during his interview, saying that he hadn´t drunk, when it was obvious that he was so drunk, he couldn´t even walk straight. And when we went to pick up João Victor for church on Sunday, he also let us down, saying that he didn´t feel like going. He had been doing so well during the week, asking if we were going to give him a white shirt and tie, and even going back to school (he hadn´t been going for a few months). I remember feeling so let down, so disappointed to see João Victor and Marcos throw everything we did to give them a chance to start a better life out the window. But then I realized that God was letting me glimpse how my Savior feels when people choose not to use His Atonement, when people throw the opportunity He gives them to change their lives for the better out the window. Those kinds of experiences have helped me get to know my Savior on a level that I never knew Him before.

We also saw many blessings this week. We met an amazing family, a mom (Aparecida) and her three kids, Letícia, Luiz Antonio and Emily. We only taught them one time, and only Letícia was able to go to church yesterday, but we feel strongly that they were prepared by God to receive the gospel and we know it is going to bless their lives immensely.  

Plus, Allan and Maria Clara got baptized this week! Agnelo, Maria Clara´s uncle, baptized both of them. It was super stressful getting everything ready for the baptism, because there was no water in the chapel and we had to reschedule for 4 pm on Sunday, plus Agnelo messed up the prayer a few times and couldn´t manage to get her all the way underwater. So Maria Clara got baptized about 10 times. But it all worked out and the Bishop´s wife even made a beautiful cake :) (there were 4 baptisms in total, since the other sisters baptized two people)

That was our week! We have transfers this week, and I´m praying to stay here in Mossoró 2. 

Sister Weatherford

For you to have an idea of how tiny Marcos´ house is
Marcos before shaving
Marcos after shaving
We 4 sisters did a photo shoot last P-day haha: we <3 Mossoró, gangsters, walking :)

Me and Sister Stadler
Us with Luana on Sunday
Us with Felipe, who is going on a mission to Argentina this week
Baptism pictures
Maria Clara and Allan

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