Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 64 Mossoró, Brazil

Great week

I´m going to give more of an update on specific people, rather than events from the week:

This week, Stefanny got baptized! She´s 12 years old and is amazing. She has a strong desire to do what´s right, and she always invites her friends and cousins to church too. She got baptized on Thursday, confirmed on Sunday, and already got a copy of Personal Progress. We see huge potential in her. 

Her friend Marlon wanted to get baptized too, but his mom didn´t let him. But as we were walking down the street after leaving the "vila" (a place with several houses) where Marlon and Stefanny live, we heard someone yell "Hey!" and we turned around and saw them and several other children running after us. They caught up to us and everyone was saying excitedly "He wants to get baptized tomorrow!" pointing to a 10-year-old boy named Allan. We asked him if it was true and he nodded. We asked him if he knew what baptism was for, and he shook his head. We told him that he can get baptized, but that first we have to help him get ready, teaching him some things and taking him to church, and he agreed. 

The next day, we met Allan´s mom, Eliene, who is super supportive of his desire to get baptized. She is very receptive and we´re going to start teaching her as well. 

This week, we taught Lara, who is friends with a member of our ward who is going on his mission to Argentina next week. His name is Felipe, and he picked us up along with another member named Letícia, and took us and Lara to his house. We taught her the Restoration and Felipe and Letícia both bore their testimonies, which made the lesson super powerful. Lara said a sincere prayer asking God to help her know if the church is true. I think she already knows it´s true, because the day after, she told Felipe that she´s going to get baptized within these two years while he´s on his mission. But we and Felipe are going to try to convince her to get baptized before he leaves. :) 

On Saturday, my heart melted. We were walking towards the bank when we ran into Lucas, 2 of his member friends (who were inactive) and a nonmember friend of theirs. They were coming back from the Primary activity, which had been cancelled. It was literally the most adorable thing I´ve ever seen and I was so proud of my little Lucas for going to the activity on his own and for being such a good little missionary <3

Sunday was crazy. We took a lot of young kids to church, since Stefanny invited a bunch of friends, and one of the counselors in the Primary came and complained and made us sit in on the Primary lesson because they apparently weren´t behaving themselves. When we got there, we saw that our investigators were behaving themselves super well and the members were the ones being wild, so we got pretty annoyed. But it all worked out fine.

And last of all...Marcos (João Victor´s dad). We spent this week getting Marcos ready for his baptism, which was supposed to be yesterday. He didn´t drink or smoke all week (he almost smoked a couple of times but we got there right in time to take the cigarette out of his mouth before he lit it), but he drunk on Sunday morning. So we postponed his baptism. But he did go to church and he loved it. I feel so honored to teach him, because I have never seen someone with so much desire to change their life and who is so willing to do whatever God asks. It will be amazing to see him enter the waters of baptism on Sunday. 

All my love,
Sister Weatherford

Fernanda (Brad´s wife) from our ward makes the most delicious chocolate chip cookies I´ve ever eaten. 

Another picture of João Victor´s baptism that I forgot to send

Us with our bishop and his family

Stefanny´s baptism

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