Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 59 Mossoró, Brazil

Mossoró abençoada

I love Mossoró. I found out that I really missed being in the interior and didn´t even know it. People here on the street are a thousand times friendlier, and it´s just awesome to be a missionary in the interior. But it is unbelievably hot here. Even hotter than it was in Natal. At noon, it literally feels like being inside an oven. I can feel the sun roasting my legs and the back of my arms. But I try not to complain about the sensation of sweat running down my neck and back, because I know that one day I´ll miss it. :)

Anyway, this week was fun. Every Thursday, our whole district goes to one companionship´s area and splits up and finds new people for that companionship to teach in their area. So on Thursday, we went to our zone leader´s area and we had a pretty cool experience. We were walking by and saw a guy standing on the street corner with headphones in, so we just said "Boa tarde." He took out his headphones and said "Tudo bem?" so we stopped to talk to him. He said he had gotten out of prison a few days before and really wanted to change his life. We talked about the church and baptism, and asked if he accepted our help to get ready for baptism and start his life over. He accepted and was really interested and receptive. He even told us that he had been in his house but felt like going out and standing on the corner, though he didn´t know why. It was to meet us. It´s amazing how God works in such simple ways to put people in our path. 

Also, there´s a brother in this ward named Brad, who´s American. I´m pretty sure I already mentioned him (he´s married to a Brazilian and opened an English academy here). On Saturday, he asked me to help out since one of the teachers couldn´t come, so I got to direct a conversation class. I also found out that my companion speaks quite a bit of English, really well, but is shy about speaking. It was way fun, and we also got chocolate chip cookies! His wife, Fernanda, makes some of the most delicious cookies I´ve ever had in my life. 

On Saturday, Luana got baptized. Sister Stadler and her previous companion had invited her to church before I got here, and last Sunday, she watched Alice´s baptism and decided she wanted to be baptized too. She´s 21 and has light retardation, so she acts more like a teenager, but she´s super sweet. She developed a slight crush on Elder Harris after the baptismal interview, haha. 

Sunday was amazing! There´s a bus that the church rents here to pick people up for church, especially investigators. We were able to pick up Lucas, an 11-year-old boy that we teach, Luana and her dad, and put them on the bus, and then the bishop´s wife gave us a ride to pick up our investigators in the neighborhood where the bus doesn´t go. Luana, along with Normando and Carlos, two people who were baptized before I got here but weren´t confirmed because of general conference, got confirmed yesterday. We took Micael, Carlos´ older brother to church too. He did seemed totally uninterested when we invited him during the week, and I didn´t even think he was actually going to go with us, but he went and he loved it! He said he´s going to go next Sunday too. Plus, a member brought his friend, Lara, to church and she loved it and wants to get baptized, so we´re going to start teaching her. 

I´m seriously so happy here. It always takes me a little while to get used to a new area and new companion, but I´m already totally adjusted and absolutely loving this new area and this new adventure :) I love being a missionary!

Sister Amy Weatherford

There´s a company here called "Weatherford." Kid you not. 

An old picture of me and Sister Gusmão drinking coconut water

Luana´s baptism

 Rita's baptism <3

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