Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 58 Mossoró, Brazil

Emergency Transfer

On Thursday, I got a pretty depressing phone call. I was getting emergency transferred to Mossoró, a city in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte. TWO days before Rita´s baptism. And when I got the phone call, I was in a different area doing an exchange, so I had to go back to my area, pack my bags, say goodbye to Rita and leave for Mossoró the next morning and it was all really crazy. 

My new companion is Sister Ariadne Stadler. She has only been on her mission for a month, so I´m going to finish her training. She´s 19 years old, from Curitiba, and was born in the church. And she is amazing. I am so excited to be her companion. And I´m super excited to be here in Mossoró. It´s everyone´s favorite place in the mission, despite being the hottest. It´s going to be an adventure for sure. 

On Sunday, we baptized a young woman named Alice that the sisters were getting ready. I met her two days ago, but I love her so much already. She reminds me a lot of myself, and we´ve already made plans to go to a One Direction concert together some day :) 

Rita and Julia got baptized yesterday, and I wish I could have been there, but I am so happy. Before I left, Rita gave me a framed picture of the two of them so that I wouldn´t forget them. I miss them so much! I feel so blessed to have met so many incredible people on my mission. 

General conference was amazing. It´s hard to believe that by the time the next conference rolls around, I won´t be a missionary anymore. I was grateful for the inspired messages that were given.

All my love from Mossoró,
Sister Weatherford

Us at a member´s house. It´s an American (Brad) who came back to Brazil to open an english school and got married and stayed here and is now a member of our ward. They made us cinnamon rolls!
Saying goodbye to Rita :(
On my way to Mossoró!
Reunited with Sister Thomson and Sister G. Nunes in Mossoró!
Me and Sister Stadler
Us with Alice before the baptism

A cool story for you to share with the family.

On my last Sunday in Sousa (a while back...), I did what we call a contato de fogo, where you invite someone to get baptized the first time you talk to them (in a contact on the street). The man accepted, and told us that he had problems with drugs and really wanted help. We wrote down his address, but I was transferred that Wednesday and lost track. 

This past week, Sister Pace (who was in Sousa), showed me a picture of that very man, on the day of his baptism! His mom was also baptized. Sister Pace said that the man (his name is Francisco, by the way) even remembered me, though he didn´t remember my name (of course, haha). But he told her about an American missionary with a really sweet, bright spirit. :)

It brought tears of joy to my eyes to see the fruits of my work 7 months later! I´m sending along the pictures of his and his mom´s baptisms. 

Missionary work is amazing!

Where is Mossoro:

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