Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week 55 Cidade Verde Natal, Brazil

Not transferred

Dear loved ones,

This week was transfers, but Sister Gusmão and I stayed here in Cidade Verde. So this will be my third and probably last transfer here. I hope to make the most out of it!

A few weeks ago, we knocked on someone´s door to ask for a cup of water. A young man named Mateus answered the door and gave us water. We talked to him for a while and he accepted our invitation to go to church the next day, so we arranged to pick him up. When we went to get him, we found out he had gone to the beach. So we dropped him. But this week, we were walking along when Mateus rounded the corner! He told us he had been wanting to talk to us but had no way to reach us. We talked to him for a while and told him we would come back the next day. We went, taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to get ready to get baptized. He accepted and told us that we had made him rethink his lifestyle. But unfortunately, he hasn´t been answering our phone calls, so we´re not sure what´s happening. :(

Rita unfortunately couldn´t go to church yesterday, but when we went to visit her on Saturday, she had bought salgados (delicious fried snacks) and soda. She loves us. Seriously, she gets so happy when we visit her. She still has doubts about a lot of things, like why the Sabbath day is Sunday and not Saturday, but she is amazing and wants to keep learning more.

This week I got yelled at by a crazy lady in the street who got mad at me for walking around with the Book of Mormon in my hand and "hiding" the Bible in my bag. She told me I have to teach the word of God, not "The book of the Mormons." What she doesn´t know is that the Book of Mormon is also the word of God, but she didn´t even let me try to explain that. I also tried to stop a man on the street who kept walking and said "I´m Catholic and I´m going to die Catholic." It´s been a while since I´ve heard that one. :)

Anyway, that was pretty much our week. It´s still pretty discouraging here and we don´t really have a lot of people to teach, but it´s okay. Italla and Hugo went to church and are doing great, and we are extremely blessed.

Sister Amy Weatherford

The FHE we did with Alexandre, Jane, Aninha, Lívia, e Vinícius
Me and Sister Gusmão

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