Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 53 Cidade Verde Natal, Brazil

Wedding <3

What a fantastic week! Saturday was probably the best day of my whole mission. I know I´ve said that several times, but it really was amazing. We studied and then went to the chapel to decorate, with the help of several members. Then we ate lunch at Isabel´s house and went back to finish decorating. Then Raimunda gave us and Italla a ride to Aline´s house, where Aline did Italla´s hair and makeup. And our makeup too. :) Then all of us went to the chapel and got there at about 6:30 (we had scheduled the wedding for 6...but the bride always has to get there late, right?). Renan, a member of our ward who has a professional camera, took a bunch of pictures of Italla before she went in. Italla was sooooo beautiful. She looked like a princess. She borrowed the dress of a member of our ward, Raissa, and looked so gorgeous. 

The wedding finally started at about 7:20. When Italla walked in, everyone was entranced. Especially Hugo, who basically froze in place staring at her. I might have cried a little bit when she came in. :) Bishop Paulo gave them lots of great advice, pronounced them man and wife, and they kissed and exchanged rings. Afterwards, they immediately got changed into jumpsuits and we took pictures. Elder De Jesus baptized both of them and miraculously, Italla´s makeup and hair stayed in place. They got changed back into their wedding attire and we went back to the gym to dance and eat cake (which was made by a very talented member of our ward) and salgadinhos (which were made by another member of our ward). Renato, our ward mission leader, plays guitar and sings and provided us with some live music :)

Lots of people from Italla and Hugo´s families came for the wedding from the interior of the state, and they thought it was all very carefully put together and thought out and that everything turned out beautifully. Hugo even did some missionary work with his aunt who was asking about the church and marked his favorite part of the Book of Mormon and gave it to her. I´m so proud! :) 

The wedding turned out perfectly. I´m so immensely grateful for all of the members who pitched in their help to make it all possible. It was an incredible experience, and I´m so happy for Italla and Hugo and for this step they´re taking in their lives. I´m so grateful to have met them! 

That was the main occurrence from the week, so I don´t have much else to say. I´m extremely happy <3

I´ll send more pictures of everything in a week or two, when Renan gives us the pictures he took. But for the meanwhile, here are some pictures from my camera. 

Sister Weatherford

(Italla walked in with her little brother who is 14 years old)

The kiss

(Hugo doesn´t like to smile in pictures haha, but I promise he´s not mad)

Batismo  :)

Us with Isabel

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