Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week 52 Cidade Verde Natal, Brazil

Rough Week

This week was rough because Sister Gusmão got super sick and we spent a lot of time at home. On Tuesday, she had an allergic reaction and her hands swelled up. On Wednesday, she woke up unable to speak and with a super sore throat. Sister Soares encouraged us to go to the hospital, so we went there (a member of our ward gave us a ride) and Sister Gusmão had to get an extremely painful shot in her butt. Poor thing. On Thursday, she woke up with a runny nose and a fever. Luckily, our sister training leaders are in a trio, training a new missionary, so it´s easy for them to go on exchanges, and one of them came to our area and helped me out. We left Sister Gusmão in the house of a sister from our ward and me and Sister Gonçalves went out to work. On Friday, we went on an exchange: Sister Gonçalves with Sister Gusmão, and me with Monaliza, a returned missionary from our ward. And on Saturday, Sister Gusmão was still really sick, so we spent most of the day at home.

Even though it was a rough and slightly stressful week, it was great to work with Sister Gonçalves. She is 32 years old, she´s from Goiania, and she is an incredible person and missionary. During the two short days she was here, I learned a ton from her example and was very grateful for her help and her friendship.

Italla and Hugo are doing great. Italla tried on our Relief Society president´s wedding dress and fell in love with it, which made us super happy. Italla and Hugo are reading the Book of Mormon and praying together every day. They had a small smoking relapse this week, but they are trying so hard. We shared the story of the anti-nephi-lehites (Alma 24), who repented and buried their weapons of war so that they would never again commit the same sin. Italla, all by herself, made the connection to their fight to give up smoking and said that she knows that they´ll be able to stop, they just need to make the firm decision never to smoke again. They are absolutely incredible and have so much faith. 

As for Demildes and Melo, we haven´t even been able to get in touch with them because Aldeneide (Demildes´ daughter) has been making up excuses that they´re too busy, etc. for us to go visit them. So she hasn´t been helping us out. And Aldeneide was going to pick up Demildes for church on Sunday, but canceled on her because it was raining. Bummer.

That´s pretty much my only news from this week, since it was fairly uneventful. But this Saturday is Italla and Hugo´s wedding and baptism, and we are unbelievably excited! Expect lots of pictures next week :) 

Sister Weatherford 

Me, Sister Gusmão and Sister Gonçalves
Me and Sister Gusmão with Jailton, a member of the other ward that meets in our chapel. He´s totally crazy and hilarious, and he works for FBI Brazil. Apparently he´s already worked in the Secret Service with George W. Bush. He´s great and helps us out a lot.
My nametag with the Book of Mormon :)

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