Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 49 Cidade Verde Natal, Brazil

This week was great! It started off Monday night with a perfect lesson with Ìtalla and Hugo. Renato, our ward mission leader, went with us, and Hugo told us that Sunday when he was watching the speakers in sacrament meeting, he saw himself up there in a white shirt and tie one day. He told us that he´s becoming a different person and that it all started when he said that first prayer. He said he´s seen a huge difference in his life and attitude since he started reading the Book of Mormon. They both accepted a baptismal date for after their wedding. We felt like we were on The District. :)

Transfers were this week, and Sister Gusmão and I both stayed here in this area. The only change is that Elder Carpenter got transferred and we got a new district leader. His name is Elder Perseu and he´s from Curitiba. There´s also a brand new American sister in our district, Sister Sutton, that I´m excited to get to know.

We also had a huge surprise on Friday when two young men that we had invited last Sunday, Eclesiaste and Nilson, showed up at our integration night! We were shocked that they remembered and actually came. We taught them the Restoration on Saturday night in the chapel, and they both accepted a baptismal date. But unfortunately, they didn´t come on Sunday, and we´re not sure why. They´re here in the city on contract, selling water purifiers, and they live in a house with all of the other workers and can´t give us their address, so it´s a little complicated to get in touch with them. But we know that it was God who put them in our path and that He can do it again this week. :) We met two young woman who are doing the same work that Eclesiaste and Nilson are doing. Their names are Aninha and Rose, and they told us that God sent us in their path and that our smiles made them a lot happier. They seemed really interested in visiting the church, but didn´t come on Sunday, so who knows? Either way, it´s always nice to meet people like them.

On Saturday, Neto (a member from Santarém) was here in our area and he took us out for pizza. It was fun to catch up with him and remember my good times in Santarém. On Sunday, I got to speak English with our ward mission leader, who is doing a course from BYU called Pathway. He speaks super fluently and is an English teacher here. 

This week, I also felt a huge love and admiration for the church members here in Brazil. Their faith is absolutely incredible, and sometimes I have moments where I stop and think about how amazing it is that the church has grown so immensely here. I love these people who have made so many sacrifices to be members of the church. They are a powerful example to me, and it´s a testament to me of how the Lord´s work is moving forward. 

All my love,
Sister Weatherford

With some girls from the ward. 

A super cute picture of Hugo reading the Book of Mormon with his daughter, Júlia, on his lap.

And Renato, our ward mission leader, serenading Hugo and Ítalla while we were waiting to go to the cartório to get them all signed up for their wedding. Renato was a saint and took us there and helped us out with everything.

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