Thursday, January 28, 2016

Week 48 Cidade Verde Natal, Brazil

New Companion

So, I got a new companion this week. Sister Nunes had to go home early, so there was an emergency transfer and my new companion is Sister Gusmão. She´s 19 years old, from Mato Grosso (Brazil), and is in her first transfer in the mission field. She was in Caicó being trained by Sister M. Baker and Sister Muria. She´s an excellent missionary and it doesn´t at all seem that she´s so new as a missionary. She already seems very experienced and I think she´s going to be the one training me instead of the other way around. :) But I miss Sister Nunes like crazy! She was such a great friend to me and we laughed together all the time, so I miss the fun times we had. But I´m grateful for the help that Sister Gusmão has already given me in this area. 

On Wednesday, before Sister Nunes went home, we got to meet together with other missionaries and watch the worldwide missionary broadcast, which was great. We also met a guy named Elder on the street, which was weird. It would be awesome if he went on a mission :) Sister Nunes went home on Thursday, so we spent most of the day in the mission office waiting for her to go to the airport and waiting for Sister Gusmão to get here. 

The miracle of this week was huge progress with Ítala, who we´ve been teaching for a long time, and her husband Hugo. Hugo had never sat in on a lesson with us before, but we invited him and he came. We talked about marriage, and he said he wants to marry Ítala and agreed to let us help out with everything and plan the wedding for the end of February. He also agreed to come to church with us on Sunday, and he said the closing prayer. It was huge progress for Hugo. He and Ítala went to church on Sunday, and Hugo loved it! We´re really excited to keep working with them and seeing them progress. Brena is also doing well. We taught her about the plan of salvation yesterday, and we took Monaliza (a member) to the lesson, and she bore powerful testimony and helped out a lot. Brena said she felt different in our church than she feels in the others and she´s really seeking to know the truth. It´s been awesome to teach her. Francisco is doing well, but we saw him only a couple of times this week as he was busy working. 

A quote for the week: "My young friends, today I say to you that if you trust the Lord and obey Him, His hand shall be over you, He will help you achieve the great potential He sees in you, and He will help you to see the end from the beginning." This quote is a great comfort to me. Everything in my life, and in all of ours, boils down to trust in God. We´re going to have struggles and we´re never going to have answers to everything, but the one thing we can always have is trust in Him. I know He has all wisdom and all power, and I´m grateful to put my life into His hands and know that He can make more out of it than I can.

That´s pretty much it for my week. I hope everyone had a great week and is doing well!

All my love,
Sister Weatherford

Pictures with the gorgeous Sister Nunes!

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