Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 44 Cidade Verde Natal, Brazil

Merry Christmas!

This week was great! Early in the week, we ate lunch with a woman named Vanúzia, who has the craziest story I´ve ever heard. She told us that she has two daughters that were born on the same day, one at 1 am and one at 1:15 am, but they´re not twins. Apparently, the people in the hospital messed up and sent her home with another person´s child, and the other woman home with her child. She only found out 8 years later! How crazy is that?! For those who have heard of the show Switched at Birth, it´s almost identical to her story.

We also got to eat at McDonald´s this week, which was the first time I´ve ate there in almost 10 months. McDonald´s here in Brazil is super expensive and therefore a lot more classy than it is in the US. I´ve never felt so fancy eating McDonald´s. :)

On Christmas Eve, we decided to go around visiting recent-converts and part-member families singing Christmas hymns, and it was way fun. We got invited to a fancy Christmas Eve dinner at President Soares´ counselor´s (who´s in our ward) home. 

Then, on Christmas, the best thing ever: I got to Skype my beautiful family! It was so wonderful to see their faces and hear their voices and laugh together. I´m so grateful for my family :)

I´m also very grateful for my Savior and for the Christmas season in which we celebrate His birth. I know He lives and loves us, and that through Him, we can find peace and joy even in hard times. 

The first picture is of me and my beautiful companion, then me with a super cute couple that Sister Nunes baptized with her first companion (Márcio and Michelle), then me and Sister Nunes with Sandra and her daughter-in-law Ítala, who we´re teaching. 

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