Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 43 Cidade Verde Natal, Brazil


So, I got transferred this week. To Cidade Verde, which is in the south zone of Natal. Or in other words, the rich zone. Seriously, it´s another world here. A large part of our area is condominiums and apartment buildings that are really hard to get into, and in which we can´t even proselyte. So we have to rely a little bit more on references and help from members, but luckily, the ward here seems awesome. The ward attendance is about 200 people, which more than doubles any of the other wards I´ve already passed in, and the members are super great. We´ve already gotten a couple of Christmas presents. :) Plus, a lot of people here speak English, which means that my name isn´t so hard for them.

My companion is Sister Nunes. The other Sister Nunes (my filha is actually Sister G. Nunes, to distinguish the two of them). Sister Nunes is from São Paulo, she´s 19 years old, has 4 months on the mission, and her last companion was Sister Ochoa, who was also my companion. Cidade Verde is her first area, and this is her 4th transfer here, but luckily she loves it here so she´s not tired of the area yet. The only problem is that her only two companions until now were in their last or second to last transfers on the mission and weren´t exactly the most diligent, so it´s going to be a little bit different. But I hope that we have an awesome transfer. 

Us with Isaque

Pictures (I´m going to send more later when I switch to a computer that I can connect my camera to): the Brazil Natal mission. Good luck finding me (it´s like Where´s Waldo? with Sister Weatherford :)

 Our last district meeting

 Us with Lauane (I´m super nasty and sweaty in these pictures, sorry)

 The view of the chapel from my new home here in Cidade Verde

My new zone

Me and Sister Coelho on her last day

 Me and my companion and the elders in our ward with Santa Claus at the ward Christmas party
 Me, Carina, and Sister G. Nunes

 Us with Neto

Us on the way to the rodoviário (totally don´t even know that word in English)

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