Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 42 Santarém Natal, Brazil

This week was a week of miracles. And also probably the best week of my entire mission. It started off on Tuesday with our absolutely wonderful mission Christmas conference, which brought all of the 160 missionaries together. Not only was it super spiritual and uplifting, each zone of missionaries also performed a skit, all of which made jokes about the things all of us see so frequently here in the Brazil Natal mission. They were hilarious, and it was fun to laugh about the weird things here in the Northeast of Brazil :) I also got to see all of my old companions and friends that I´ve met here on the mission, and it was so great to be reunited with everybody. Three of my companions are going home this week (Sister Coelho, Sister Ochoa, and Sister Nóbrega). The mission conference was the best, and I felt so much love for my mission. Really, it was the best choice I´ve ever made in my life.

A small tender mercy that happened this week was when we were doing street contacts. We decided to talk with a young woman who walked past us, who told us that she had already been baptized but went inactive. We talked to her for a while and bore testimony about Jesus Christ, and she thanked us afterwards. She said it´s amazing how even in just a few short minutes, the Spirit can have such a strong influence, and told us that we were two angels that God put in her path. It was a really powerful experience and I´m grateful that we happened to pass by her on the street.

One of the other miracles from this week is that Jessica decided to get baptized. She had been living with her boyfriend, but out of nowhere, he got offered a job and had to move out, which meant she could get baptized as long as she promised to live the law of chastity, which she was willing to do. We scheduled her baptism for Saturday at 5 pm. On Saturday at 4:30, we found out that the baptismal font was dirty and empty. Crap. After a little bit of conflict with our ward mission leader, who wanted to cancel the baptism, we decided to take her to a chapel close by to do the baptism. Two members of the bishopric helped us with everything, and so did the missionaries in our district. One made a cake, one brought soda, and Neto gave us a ride there. I gained a testimony of service, because I was so grateful for everyone´s help. And the baptism was beautiful! Jessica thanked us for such a special day, and it really was. She is incredible, and we feel so lucky to have taught her and to have been able to see her baptism, which we didn´t think was going to be able to happen for a while.
Another miracle is that on Sunday, a sister in our ward brought her nonmember boyfriend, who she asked us to start teaching him, and a brother brought his nonmember girlfriend, who wants to get baptized on Christmas. We´re excited for all of the work that is going to get done here in this area, even if one of us gets transferred this week.
After church, we visited Carina to say goodbye to her (since we´re pretty sure at least one of us will get transferred). We had one of the most spiritual lessons I´ve ever had on my mission, then we took pictures and said our official goodbyes, just in case. She thanked us for everything we´ve done to help her and told us that we were really important in her life. She even cried and it was super sweet. (I´m going to send the pictures next week since I´m waiting for someone to email them to me). I love her and I can´t wait to get the news in the future that she got baptized and that got sealed in the temple to Edivaldo!
This week was truly miraculous. I don´t know if I´ll get transferred this week or not, but no matter what, I know that I will always love Santarém. It was my hardest area, but also by far the most rewarding. And I know that miraces are going to continue to happen here. I´m so grateful for everything the Lord has taught me through my experiences here, and for the abundant blessings He has given us here. Truly, being a missionary is the best. <3
Sister Amy Weatherford
Me, Sister Coelho (my "mom") and all of the people that she either started or finished the training of and the people that her "daughters" trained. In other words, our little mission family :)
Me and Sister Nóbrega

Me and Sister Thomson

Me and Sister Nunes
Me and Sister Ochoa
Me and Sister Nunes on the bus


Jessica's baptism

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