Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 39 Santarém Natal, Brazil

Dear loved ones,

It was another crazy but great week here in Santarém. On Monday, I taught Sister Nunes how to make chocolate chip cookies and we took them to Lauanda and her whole family. They ate literally all of them in five minutes. Brazilians love chocolate chip cookies, and they´re not common here. Lauane and Isaque also decided on Monday that they wanted to get baptized...but unfortunately, on Thursday, their mom, Rose, decided not to let them because they already got baptized in the Catholic church as babies. But Rose loves us and is going to let us teach her, so we´re hoping that we can help her change her mind. 

We had a district meeting on Tuesday with some snacks and herbal tea as refreshments, and Elder Church was joking around and speaking Portuguese with a British accent, which was the most hilarious thing. As I mentioned last week, our ward had a "noite de integração," which is basically just a ward activity, but with the idea of letting visitors get to "integrate" themselves with the ward members. We played a bunch of games and even had a trivia competition where the loser got whipped cream rubbed in their face. They made me and Sister Nunes compete against each other, and guess who got whipped cream in their face? Yours truly. It was a fun activity though. Two of our investigators went, Jessica and William, and several members brought friends. 

Sunday was great. Carina, her mom Eunice, and her sister-in-law Taise, all went to church, and so did Didi, Carina´s inactive member husband (who is Arthur´s dad). We rehearsed with the Primary, since I´m being their pianist (and loving it), and Lauanda went out visiting people with us afterwards. Lauane wrote me a super sweet note telling me that she loves me that absolutely made my week. 

We also got some valuable advice this week from one of the counselors in the bishopric here, Gislan. He served a mission and he reminded us not to worry so much about baptisms and numbers. He told us that our mission and the experiences we have are preparing us for the rest of our lives. He told us several stories from his mission, and his advice was what we needed to hear. 

I love this area and the incredibly special people here. :) 

Sister Amy Weatherford

The sisters in our district
Us with Jessica (investigator) and her cousin Jucielly (member)
Our district
Us with William
Me getting whipped cream shoved in my face by my loving companion
Me with my new friend, Sabrina, who is my fellow One Directioner! :)
Me with Lauane <3

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