Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 38 Santarém Natal, Brazil

I´ve given up on coming up with subjects. Please forgive my lack of creativity. This week was good and passed really fast. Last P-day, we went skirt shopping and the lady who worked in the store was really funny. She called us "galega" and "outra galega" (galega is what they call white people) and opened the doors of our changing stalls whenever she felt like it, which was nerve-wracking. But we each bought a couple of beautiful long skirts. :)

As for investigators...Júlio César loves the Book of Mormon. He said he feels a difference in his life when he reads regularly, and that he finds lots of strength in it. But...he doesn´t think he´s ready to get baptized. He´s really hesitant, and unfortunately, I think we´re going to have to back off a little and not visit quite as often. We´re still praying that he changes his mind, but for now, we can´t do much. He´s really funny, though. When we taught the Law of Chastity, he told us that his body was an amusement park (yeah, I know, disturbing) but that now it´s a temple. He said he´s going to turn into a monk. 

I don´t remember if I already mentioned William, a 38-year-old man, but he´s an awesome investigator. He´s super nice, super receptive, and we love teaching him. He´s going to go to our ward´s "noite de integração" (integration night...?) this week and is excited. Lauane and Isaque are still progressing, but they couldn´t go to church yesterday because their grandpa had died the day before and they weren´t home. Carina, Arthur´s stepmom, is also doing really well. She went to church yesterday for the first time and loved it. We´re really excited to keep working with her, and Arthur is really happy. His dad has been inactive for a while but still has a really strong testimony, and we´re hoping that he can start getting active and that Carina can get baptized. :)

This week, I got to talk to Sister Thomson on the phone. The funny coincidence is that she´s in Sousa, in my first area! So she´s meeting all of the wonderful people there that I love. And a tender mercy from this week is that the Primary president of the other ward asked me to be their accompanist for the Primary program, so I´m getting to practice the piano a lot and utilize the skill that my beautiful mother taught me. :) It´s also getting really hot here. Never in my life have I been as sweaty as I was on Sunday. It´s a really uncomfortable feeling. 

And on a spiritual note, I just wanted to share a couple of quotes that I love. President Uchtdorf said, "Often, the answer to our prayer does not come while we´re on our knees but while we´re on our feet serving the Lord and those around us...By becoming the answer to someone´s prayer, we often find the answer to our own." And along with that, I heard another quote that says "Pray as if everything depended on the Lord, then work as if everything depended on you." I´m trying to apply that as a missionary by trusting in the Lord and also working with all of my strength so that His will can be manifest and accomplished. 

Com muito amor,
Sister Amy Weatherford

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