Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 37 Santarém Natal, Brazil

Another Week

Some crazy things happened this week. First, I had my 8-month mission "birthday." I can´t even believe I´ve already been here 8 months. And second, we were in Neto´s house when a huge tarantula casually walked in. I went absolutely nuts, jumped up on the couch, and screamed. A lot. Neto wasn´t even scared; the only comment he made was complaining that I got his couch dirty with my shoes. For anyone who has watched She´s the Man, I basically relived the tarantula scene from that movie, but screamed about 1000 times more. Neto and Sister Nunes almost died laughing at me. :)
Other than those things, it was pretty much a normal week. It was a little bit harder than usual to find people at home and find new people to teach, but we also had lots of good things happen. Júlio César is still unsure about baptism, but he absolutely loves the Book of Mormon. He said that it´s helping him a lot to deal with what he´s going through. He also calls us his two angels and "semideuses," or half-gods. A man named Damião that we had left a Book of Mormon with but hadn´t returned to his house yet passed us on the street in a car, stopped, and told us that he´s been reading. It was a random surprise that made us really happy. It always makes me happy when our investigators read the Book of Mormon, since it´s such an important book to me and since it plays such a huge role in my own testimony. And one of our investigators, Grimoaldo, who always says that he´s going to go to church but never does (which is a normal problem here), actually showed up on Sunday, which also was a pleasant surprise. Some of our investigators are hiding from us and pretending not to be home, which is really discouraging and not great for the self-esteem, but we´re doing our best here and trying to find humor in those types of things so we don´t get discouraged. But everything is well here. We even started doing Zumba in the morning for exercise, and it´s fun. Sorry for this super random email and for not sending any pictures this week!
Sister Amy Weatherford

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