Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 35 Santarém Natal, Brazil

I <3 Santarém

This weekend was one of the best on my mission. But I´ll start off with the rest of the week first. Firstly, I made cinnamon rolls for our district meeting that turned out well and even the Brazilians liked them :) A member in our ward, named Júlio, went out with us a couple of days this week to help us teach lessons and do contacts. He served his mission here in 2006 (when it was still part of the João Pessoa mission) and now moved back here and lives here, so he was super helpful and we learned a lot with him. He even fell in love with our investigator Daliane, who is super beautiful. He promised us that if she gets baptized, we can be sure that she´s firm in the church, no matter what area we´re in, because he´s going to take good care of her. ;) We´re hoping that Daliane does progress, but she drinks quite a bit. One night we stopped by her house and her adorable two year old daughter asked us if we wanted to drink cachaça, which is what everyone here drinks. 
This weekend, we visited a man named Júlio (everyone in this email is Júlio haha) that was a referral from a member of the other ward here. He is super "eleito," or in other words, a perfect investigator. He recently separated from his wife and moved here, and he is super awesome. He went to church on Sunday and loved it, and we´re going to keep working with him this week. We picked up all of Lauanda´s (our recent convert friend in the ward) siblings for church. One of her brothers, Pedro, got baptized a couple of months ago but isn´t super active, and the other little siblings haven´t been baptized yet. We took all four of them to church and it was super cute to see all of them walking together to the chapel. They are 14, 11, 9, and 4 years old and I adore all of them. After church, their family made us lunch, even though neither of the parents are members. They are a super sweet family. They also have a tiny little puppy that is the cutest thing ever, but runs around biting everyone´s toes. It doesn´t hurt, but it´s still alarming. Anyway, the short story is that we absolutely love that family. :)

The other miracle that happened on Sunday was that a man we had invited on the street early on in the week (Tuesday or Wednesday) and who said he would go on Sunday (like everyone always says but never does) actually showed up. I almost dropped dead from shock when I saw him there. It was a really cool surprise :) His name is Sidney and he is a member of another church here and made that very clear (he didn´t even want to give us his address to visit him this week), yet he said he´s going to come again next Sunday. We´ll see what happens with him. I also gave a talk on Sunday, which is always scary, but I survived. And on Sunday night, we took Reison, our other recent convert friend, and his friend Charlisson to a devotional that was broadcast from the Brazil MTC, which was awesome. It was a perfect weekend, and I know that God answered my many prayers asking for help here. He sent so many tender mercies that were exactly what I needed. I know that He hears our prayers and knows what we need, and that He blesses us so abundantly. 
Sister Amy Weatherford
Pictures: Me and my cute companion with the delicious dessert we made :) 
Us with Arthur, a member here, and Lauanda´s siblings
Us with Lauanda

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