Friday, October 2, 2015

Week 31 Santarém Natal, Brazil

Transferred to Santarém

On Tuesday, we received the phone call from our zone leaders informing us that I was getting transferred to Santarém, another area of Natal, and that I would be training a new missionary and opening the area. I was so shocked by the phone call and thought it was a joke. I´ve only been on my mission 6 months and my Portuguese is still far from perfect, and I thought President Soares was crazy. But I packed up my bags and on Wednesday morning, I went to the mission office with the other missionaries who got called to train, and I met my "daughter." (Trainers are moms and dads on the mission :). Her name is Sister Nunes, she´s 19 years old, and she is from Rio de Janeiro. We took a taxi to our area, where our district leader showed us around a little bit and we ate almoço with a member. The area had elders before, and we´re the first set of sisters that have been in the area since last year. Opening an area is really difficult, since you don´t know anyone or how to get anywhere, but we have been blessed so abundantly this week. The ward here is absolutely amazing, the members here have all been jumping in and helping us, and our area seems great and we´ve already met some awesome people to start teaching. I´m somehow miraculously managing to navigate around without getting lost, and anyone who knows how hopeless I am with directions knows how much of a miracle that really is. :)  

Plus, the ward here loves having sisters and they´re all super excited that the elders left and sisters are back haha. Everyone here tells me I look like Barbie, literally at least 5 people have separately said that. I´m really learning to rely on the Lord here. Alone, there is no way I can train a new missionary in a new area and fulfill all of my new responsibilities, but I know that God is going to help me. He´s giving me a chance to learn to trust in and depend on Him, and I´m already seeing His hand so clearly. Everything that I´ve experienced so far on my mission has been preparing me for this, which I´m recognizing now. Even though it´s not easy, I feel really lucky to be training such a wonderful sister and to be opening this area here in Santarém. 

I hope everyone is doing well! I also hope everyone has a chance to watch General Conference this weekend! 

Sister Amy Weatherford

Pictures: Me and Sister Nunes, minha filha :)
Our zone
Sister Talentino and Sister Coelho (my trainer and her new "daughter," since she´s also training) and me and Sister Nunes. Sister Coelho is a grandma now! :)

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