Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 33 Santarém Natal, Brazil

Marcílio got baptized!

On Tuesday, we got the news that President wanted us to do a companionship exchange. On Wednesday, my filha went to Potengi (a neighboring area) with Sister Castilho and Sister M. Baker came to my area for the week. Sister Nunes and I were sad to get separated already, but I love Sister M. Baker. I had already spent a week on exchange with her last transfer, so I got excited to be her companion again. Neither of us have had an American companion yet, but we decided that now that we´ve spent so much time on exchanges together, it counts. It´s really fun to have someone to talk about Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, BYU, and other American things with. :) Plus she is amazing and helped out a lot in my area. I was pretty discouraged on Friday since literally all of our plans fell through, but not only did she help me feel better, the Lord also blessed us a lot. After nothing working out all afternoon, we finally found some awesome people to teach and we felt really blessed. The Lord´s tender mercies are amazing. Plus we had some funny experiences and even spent an hour straight quoting Brian Regan and laughing our heads off. :)

On Saturday, Sister Nunes returned, we had a super productive day, and the day ended with Marcílio´s baptism, which was really special. I don´t have the pictures of his baptism with me right now unfortunately, but everything went really well. He was so excited all week for his baptism and is such a good, genuine person. He used to sell drugs and do all kinds of crazy things, but he had left that life behind him a couple of months before we met him and I have no doubt that he was prepared for us by the Lord. He truly wants to live the life God wants for him and to be the best he can. 

That´s about all I can remember from this week, and sorry for not sending any pictures!

Here's a photo from Sister Baker --

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