Friday, September 4, 2015

Week 27 Gramoré Natal, Brazil

It was another good week here in Gramoré. Last P-day, we took the bus to another part of Natal called Alecrim and went shopping. I needed some more skirts, since all of mine go flying up in the wind and it obviously causes problems. :) Vital went with us to help us not get lost, and it was fun. 

This week, we did a street contact with a guy who seemed completely normal...and then told us he was the devil. We got out of there as fast as we could. :) One day, we were singing a hymn to start our companionship study when a giant flying insect came straight for my head and we both started screaming. After that, we couldn´t even sing anymore because we both collapsed into giggles. And I have become the unofficial ward pianist, which I love. Our ward also had an open-house activity on Saturday to help people get to know the church. There was food and games and lunch and missionaries in every classroom teaching people little snippets of lessons and it was really cool. We got some good references that we´re going to contact this week and hopefully start teaching. 

Pedro and Andreza are both still progressing, but neither of them was able to come to church on Sunday, sadly. We have another investigator, Maria José, who has already been investigating the church for a year but isn´t baptized because the man she´s been living with for 18 years doesn´t want to get married. We´re also working with her 8-year-old son, Maicon, and hoping that her husband changes his mind. We also worked quite a bit with a recent-convert young man, Adson, who is wonderful. 

It was a good week and I really love the people here, even though the work is a little bit harder overall than it was in Sousa. Sorry this email is so late today; this morning, we walked to a Carrefour supermarket that´s about an hour away and then made lunch as a district and it took forever, which is why we´re on email now. And sorry I don´t have any pictures to send this week -- this area is considered a little bit less safe, so I don´t like taking my camera with me very often. :(

Sister Amy Weatherford

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