Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 26 Gramoré Natal, Brazil

So I usually make a list of the things I want to talk about in my weekly update....but I totally forgot this week. Therefore, it´s going to be a more general summary. It was a good week, and we found some new people to teach. It´s harder to find people in their houses here than it was in Sousa, so we had a couple of days when our plans did not work out and it was a little discouraging. But we started teaching a 22-year-old young man named Pedro about the Book of Mormon and he was super receptive. We returned a couple of days later and explained the book in more detail and read the introduction with him. His sister was there, but she didn´t seem to be paying much attention. But then at the end, she said "Do you have one of those books for me?" which is pretty much the best question for a missionary, and we got super excited and left a book with her too. :) 

Vital also helped us several times this week. He´s really funny, so it´s nice to have him with us on the discouraging days to make us feel better. :) 

One thing I forgot to mention last week is that I have the really cool opportunity here to teach an English class! It´s a little intimidating, since being fluent in a language does not guarantee that you know how to teach it, but I´m loving it so far. Usually there are just a few youth who attend, so it´s fun. It´s a good opportunity to find people to teach too.

I also really like the ward here, especially the ward mission leader. He is really dedicated to helping the ward get more involved in helping us with missionary work. And the members here are all really great and really willing to help. 

Other than that, I can´t remember anything too specific. I´m attaching pictures of me with Sister Nóbrega, and us with Vital at the ward lunch :)

Sister Amy Weatherford

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