Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 24 Sousa, Brazil

Transfers are this Wednesday, and I´m excited to find out if I´m going to stay in Sousa or if I´m going to a new area. In some ways, I´m ready to leave Sousa, but at the same time, there are so many people I love here. So I guess I´ll be happy either way :) 

This week, we had Alceno´s baptism! He made astounding progress this week with giving up coffee and smoking, and he was so excited all week for his baptism. The baptism was on Sunday after church and it was wonderful. When we visited him after church and asked him how he was feeling he said "I´m a new person." He was so happy and thanked us over and over for helping him, and even started crying. 

We also got a bunch of free food this week. People here are very giving and very rarely take "no" for an answer, so we ended up with cake, ice cream, potato chips, soda and all kinds of other junk food. Our investigators Sorato and Ceiça also took us out to a pizzeria and to eat ice cream. And on top of that, Cilene´s daughter Andrêssa turned 3 and we ate chocolate cake with them to celebrate. Brazilians love their sweets -- God definitely sent me to the right place ;) A bunch of little kids were following us around one night and hugging me spontaneously and it was really adorable. 

Fábio continues to get more and more awesome. He listens to hymns every night before he goes to sleep and said he almost has some memorized. He continues to study the scriptures and general conference talks every day. Cilene and Daniel are also doing really well. Sunday was awesome because we got to go and visit lots of my favorite people here and I just felt so grateful for the amazing people I´ve already met. When we were talking with Alceno after his baptism about how happy he is and how grateful he is for the changes he´s making in his life because of the gospel, I felt once again that it´s those moments that make any hardship of mission life worth it. I love being here and feel so lucky. :)

Pictures: me and Sister Ochoa, us with Cilene and Daniel, our zone picture, me with my favorite young woman here in Sousa, Edna, and me and Sister Ochoa with the cake we made for the baptism :) Pictures of the baptism to follow!

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