Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 22 Sousa, Brazil

Life is good in Sousa

I´m going to keep this email relatively short since my email was so long last week and I need to catch up on emailing people! I also don´t have any pictures this week, sadly. It was a good week, but nothing too out of the ordinary. 

We met some new people that we´ve started teaching. The main ones are Esmeralda, a super nice woman, and Alceno and his family. Alceno sells popsicles and other snacks from his house and when we go visit him, he always gives us tons of free food (potato chips, popsicles, and my new addiction, cocada). He is way too nice. We also visited Núbia, who we had visited the week before, and she said that since we came the first time, God has been opening doors for her and that she´s studying the chapter of the Book of Mormon that we left so that she can answer all of our questions. :) 

There´s a recent convert in our area who owns a bar (yeah, he´s not too active at the moment ;), but he came to church yesterday and is doing really well. The problem is that his house is attached to the bar he owns, so when we visit him, there are always tons of drunk guys interrupting us. It´s both funny and sad at the same time. So yesterday, we read the Book of Mormon with Sérgio and a bunch of bêbados. :)

We also had a FHE night with 2 recent convert couples and Cilene and Daniel, because all of them are preparing to enter the temple. We talked about the temple and showed them pictures of temples all around the world. Other than that, pretty much just a normal week. We randomly got a bunch of free yogurt, since there´s a yogurt factory in our area and one of the workers saw us passing by and offered us a giant sack full of yogurt cups. 

This week, I felt very grateful again for the Book of Mormon. We had left one with a girl named Wygna and when we returned, she told us she didn´t like it. We got to talk with her and bear testimony of the Book of Mormon, and even though she didn´t end up changing her mind, it was still a good experience. We also got to introduce the Book of Mormon to several people this week, which always makes me excited since I love it so much. It is a true book, people. :)

Have a great week!

Sister Amy Weatherford

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