Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 20 Sousa, Brazil

Another Week in Sousa

It was a great week, and I had a great 20th birthday! I woke up on Tuesday to mousse de manga, chocolate, and a cute happy birthday sign from my lovely companion, Sister Ochoa. I got to eat cereal and milk (which is more expensive here but I let myself buy it for my birthday because I´ve been missing it) and we bought truffles. What more can you ask for? Then the next day, at our zone meeting, I received packages and letters from family, a birthday gift from Sister Coelho, and a bag of candy from my mission president´s wife. Then that night, our district surprised me with a cake and then we all went out for pizza, including pizza topped with chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, and strawberries. I felt very loved and happy on my birthday :)

Other good news is that Fábio received the Priesthood yesterday! He is just as wonderful as ever and I´m so happy for him and the progress he´s making. His determination to do what the Lord asks is a great example to me. We visited a recent convert, Luzia, who is absolutely the most loving person ever. She asked us to teach her how to bear her testimony, because she really wants to next month. She said that she knows Jesus Christ is true, and it was so cute. Another recent convert, Francisco ("Painho"), went with us to a lesson and he wore a white shirt and tie even though he didn´t need to. The recent converts here are the cutest things in the world. 

We asked one of our new investigators, Damião, to say a prayer at the end of a lesson and he his head. When he finished, he said "Pronto" and we just kind of awkwardly left. Next time, we need to clarify that it´s an out-loud prayer. :) We also met some funny young men who were asking us if missionaries can get married and when we said no, said "Que pena," or "What a shame." They´re what we call "scorpions," or guys trying to marry the foreign missionaries. Sister Ochoa said "Today a scorpion, tomorrow an Elder." :) Speaking of Sister Ochoa, she is really funny. She offered to help one lady and when she refused help, Sister Ochoa said "Do you want to take away our blessings? If we help you, we get blessings." She is a great missionary and is such a loving person. I´ve already learned a lot from her example and I´m grateful for her. 

Cilene and Daniel are going to get married this Wednesday and get baptized this Saturday! It´s going to be an exciting week, and I´ll be sure to send pictures next week. Sorry I don´t have any from this week -- I´m being a slacker. But I promise to send extra next week. 

Lots of love,
Sister Amy Weatherford

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