Friday, June 19, 2015

Week 16 Sousa, Brazil


Bom dia! This week was a little crazy, because I caught some weird sickness that is most likely something by the name of chicungunha, though I don´t know for sure. I started having a fever on Wednesday night and I had a fever all day on Thursday along with headache and body aches and "bolinhas," or little red dots, all over my skin. On Friday, I was feeling a lot better and the fever had disappeared, but because I still had bolinhas, I couldn´t go out in the sun. Because of that, we didn´t get any work done on Thursday and less than usual on Friday and Saturday because we could only work when the sun had gone down. I´m feeling back to normal now though, so don´t worry, Mom :) 

The other big thing that happened this week is that we had an emergency transfer in our zone and we got a new zone leader. The zone leader, Elder Meirelles, had been in my district and we were sad to lose him. In his place, we got an American though, so I´m happy to have a buddy here. 

Besides the mystery Brazilian disease, it was a really good week. We had some quality lessons with people and several of our investigators did a good job of keeping our commitments with them. We taught a man who is probably in his early 20´s or so, named Fábio. We had left a Book of Mormon with him about a week ago and I had been the one to explain what the Book of Mormon is and I did a terrible job. So I was super happy to hear when we visited him this week that he had read not only the part we left with him, but also started it from the beginning. He seems super interested and we´re excited to keep working with him. The sad news from the week is that José, after 4 days straight without drinking, got drunk. We went to visit him and saw him passed out on the floor. I wanted to cry, because he has so much potential for his future and he knows that. 

We also worked a lot with Cilene and Daniel, her...esposo (they´re not legally married) this week. Daniel especially is progressing a lot and reading the things we leave with them and praying. He knows that the Church is true. We had an experience with Cilene this week in which she told us she was going to return to the church she was attending before. We talked to her for a long time and discovered her concerns and helped her with them. She has received so many answers to her prayers already, and all we had to do was remind her of that. She knows that the Church is true, she´s just afraid to leave her comfort zone and do something that´s so new and a little bit scary. The experience with her made me realize how Heavenly Father feels about me and about all of us. We all have moments in which we doubt what we once knew and we want to give up. I felt so sad to hear Cilene thinking about giving up on the Church in the face of her fears and doubts, and Heavenly Father feels the same way about us. It renewed my determination to stay faithful to the things I know to be true and to the answers I´ve received to my prayers, even when I face doubts or fears. Anyway, the happy ending about Cilene is that she, Daniel, and their beautiful 2 year old daughter Andressa all went to church together, commented a lot in Gospel Principles, and seemed so happy. It made my day to see the three of them sitting together during sacrament meeting (I was up on the stand playing piano, which also made my day :) 

All in all, a good but crazy week. I hope everyone is doing well! Sending my love from Brazil!
Sister Amy Weatherford

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