Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 15 Sousa, Brazil

Liver, drunk people, and roosters

The subject line basically sums up the weird parts of my week. I tried liver for the first time without knowing what it was (I learned the word for liver, "figado," after lunch). We talked to several drunk guys who were hilarious. Several of them kissed our hands, one of them denied that he had been drinking and then proceeded to attempt to sit in a chair and fell over sideways, knocking over a table in the process, and another was riding on a bike (an absolutely terrible idea) and swerving and barely missing getting run over by cars and motorcycles. And we taught a lesson this week in which a guy randomly walked through the kitchen holding a screaming rooster by the neck. I love Brazil :)

As for more normal news, we were in a trio with another sister for a day, Sister Leal, while her companion was in Natal for a leadership meeting. It was way fun and the three of us walked around singing pop songs. We bought a ton of fresh fruit for 9 reáis, or the equivalent of 3 US dollars, and while I was marveling at what a good deal that was, the other sisters complained that it was expensive. Again, I love Brazil :) We had a zone meeting on Wednesday and it was great. I´m no longer the only American in our zone, which makes me happy. On Thursday, we did a companion exchange and I spent the day with Sister Leal in her area. Everyone we talked to that day was super crazy for some reason, and we taught one lady named Rita who is almost deaf. Sister Leal gave the opening prayer, but Rita didn´t hear that she had finished and she was still sitting there with her eyes closed, so Sister Leal repeated "Amém" super loudly and it was really funny for some reason. That in addition to her cat that was pulling on my skirt resulted in me trying to hold in laughter during the entire lesson. 

While I was in the Provo MTC, Sister Thomson and I taught member volunteers once a week during TRC. One of the girls we taught, Patricia, told us that her mom lives in the Brazil Natal mission. This week, I met Patricia´s mom! It was really cool to have that connection with her. It really is a small world. 

The craziest experience of the week was on Friday. There was a guy from India who somehow got put on the wrong bus and ended up in Sousa rather than the city he was supposed to go to. He didn´t speak a word of Portuguese, so Sister Coelho and I had to go help him, since I´m the only English speaker here. The whole thing was a disaster, because he didn´t have any money and didn´t speak English very well and was pretty rude. We spent 3 hours trying to get him where he needed to go. The whole thing was really tiring and frustrating, and it consumed pretty much our entire day. 

On Saturday, we taught a 22-year-old guy named José. He drinks a lot, but he wants to change his life. He promised he would stop drinking and get baptized. Our lesson with him on Saturday was great, because he seemed to have a real desire to turn his life around. However, on Sunday, he didn´t come to church because he was embarrassed about his clothes. I was really disappointed, but I hope we can continue to work with him and help him. We met lots of great new people this week and I´m excited to work with and teach them. People here are crazy, but I love them. :)

I´m already getting really tan, and I´ve officially been a missionary for more than 3 months now. I can´t believe it. Even though it´s hard sometimes, I feel really lucky to be here and to be learning so much from this experience. :) 

Sister Amy Weatherford

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