Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Week 17 Sousa, Brazil

This past P-day, our whole zone came here to Sousa and we had a barbecue and played games. One of the games we played was beer pong (with Coca-Cola, not to worry) and it was super fun. Usually in that game, you have to drink when you lose and its considered a bad thing, but there were so many of us playing that we rarely got to drink and we were all dying for Coke and therefore hoping to lose. One elder said he had never wanted to lose a game so much :)

This week, we ate lunch at a member´s house one day, and she asked her 4 year old daughter to take the cats outside. The little girl picked up the cats one by one and literally threw them out the door like footballs. It was hilarious. And today we saw a herd of goats walking alongside the cars. I love this crazy place :)

I also love the recent converts here. Sister Coelho and I shared a spiritual thought about Peter the apostle walking on the water with Christ, but the man we were teaching, Cosmo (who has about 10 months in the church) kept getting confused with the story of Moses parting the Red Sea. We got absolutely nowhere with our message, but it was really funny. I also love the Gospel Principles class on Sundays, because it´s full of people who have very little time in the Church and still don´t know very much. They´re like babies in the gospel and it´s really cute :)

I fall more in love with Brazilian food every day. Here on the streets, they sell "salgados," or various pastries stuffed with chicken and beef and cheese and other stuff. They´re super cheap and delicious. They also have this drink called guaraná da amazonas that basically has the consistency of a milkshake and the flavor of peanut butter, and it is so good. I never thought I would love Brazilian food as much as I do. I even still love rice, beans, pasta, and chicken, even though it´s what we have for lunch literally every day.

As for investigators, we taught Marinalva this week and she told us that she wants to continue in the Catholic church, since she was raised with that tradition. The same thing happened with Maria and Tatiane, new investigators we found this week. People here are very Catholic and it´s often difficult for them to want to leave that tradition behind, even when they feel that the things we teach are true. However, Fábio is still progressing really well. During one lesson, Sister Coelho asked him to read a scripture and then asked him a question afterward. He looked up at us with the most stumped facial expression in the world and I was holding in the urge to laugh during the rest of the lesson. That seems to happen to me a lot :) We found a new investigator, a 13-year-old girl named Marianna. She´s actually the niece of Cilene, our other investigator, and she´s come to church for two weeks now. She is unsure about baptism right now, but she is a sweetheart and we adore her. 

Cilene and Daniel are absolutely amazing. They are progressing so well and are planning their wedding and baptism. They´re going to get married on July 15 so that they can get baptized. They are so willing to exercise their faith and do anything they need to to become members of the church. I love seeing them at church and seeing how much the gospel is already blessing their lives and how much it will continue to bless them and their daughter in the future. Teaching them makes all of the other rejection worth it :) 

Also, every day I am in awe of the selflessness of these people. Almost everyone here is extremely poor, and right now the majority of people are without water in their houses, but they are always so willing and happy to give away whatever they have. They are so quick to share, and it makes me want to be more selfless. I feel so grateful to be here learning from these incredible people. 

All my love,
Sister Amy Weatherford

The first picture is of Andressa, Cilene and Daniel´s daughter, and the daughter of Cilene´s sister. We were joking that Andressa is like a mini Sister Coelho, because they´re both morena, and the other little girl is like a mini me, since we´re both super white. So we put our nametags on them and took a picture :)

The second picture is of me and Sister Coelho with the collage I made for her to celebrate her mission anniversary.

The other pictures are from our Zone P-day :)

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