Friday, May 1, 2015

Week 9 Sousa, Brazil

Dear family and friends,

Well, it´s been another crazy but good week. I´m still adjusting to the newness of everything and the language is still as hard as ever, but I´m doing well. The food here is still fantastic. Lots of rice and beans and chicken, which I love, plus Sister Coelho and I made this delicious chocolate dessert called brigadeiro and I am in love with it. We eat lunch every day with a member of the church and it´s really good. We also bought bacon-wrapped chicken on a stick one night. Yep, amazing. Also, this week, a little kid asked me why I´m so white, which is something I am constantly reminded of. Sister Coelho always points out how enamored people am with how different (aka white) I am, which is amusing.  

We found some new investigators this week and we even met a lady who has already read the entire Book of Mormon. She´s awesome. We taught her a lesson and asked her if she would pray about it to know if it was true, and she said she already felt that it was. People here are very kind and receptive. They´re not always as good at following through with commitments or coming to church, but we rarely have someone who won´t at least hear us out. The church branches here aren´t super strongly established, so we´re trying to work with the branch president to fix some things and create more unity. 

I love having so much time to study every day. This week, I´ve been studying the Christlike attribute of patience. I´ve read a lot of scriptures about how trials bring patience, and I´ve been trying to remember that even when I get discouraged about the language or something else. I also love studying from the Book of Mormon and getting to carry one around in my hand every day. I love giving them out to people and bearing testimony of them, since that book is the reason I´m here in Brazil. The Book of Mormon is the reason I have a testimony of this gospel and I´m so grateful for it. 

Thank you all for your prayers and support. I have definitely felt it and it has helped me more than I can express. I love you all!

Sister Weatherford

The pictures are of me and Sister Coelho, me, Sister Coelho, and the two other sisters who share our apartment, views of Brazil from our apartment, and our apartment.

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