Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 12 Sousa, Brazil

Transfers are this week, and I can´t believe I´ve already been in Brazil for an entire transfer. Time is already passing quickly! I´m anxious to find out whether Sister Coelho is going to continue to be my trainer or someone else will train me for my last 6 weeks. I´ll let you all know next week. 

We continued working with Sebastião this week, and he is making good progress on giving up smoking. This week, we taught him the commandments, and when we asked him if he remembered what they were, he said that one was to keep holy the Sabbath day and holidays. We laughed so hard and had to teach him that it´s really only the Sabbath day that we need to worry about :) We also met a woman named Vilani who invited us into her house and told us that it was an answer to prayer that we found her. She was baptized 15 years ago but hasn´t been able to attend in a really long time. She was so nice and it was a really cool experience to talk with her. We taught a family yesterday, a mom, dad, and two children, and it was also a really great experience. Here in Sousa, there are usually tons of people coming and going as you teach and it´s rare to have a quiet, calm lesson, but our lesson with them was calm and the Spirit was strong.

One day, we were visiting a recent convert, Cilene, and she went into the kitchen to make us herbal tea, but before she left, she turned on the movie Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series. Sister Coelho and I were covering our faces with the Book of Mormon and trying to stay focused on missionary work :) The people here are really funny. I was giving a prayer during a lesson with Cicera, another investigator, and in the middle of the prayer, she commanded me to pray for her kids. I was so surprised about being interrupted while praying that I was tripping over my words for the rest of the prayer. People here interrupt each other and talk over each other a lot. Basically, if someone´s talking and they go to take a breath of air, someone else is going to start talking. 

This week, we also did companion exchanges for one day. I was with Sister Garcia in her area, so I got to meet some new people and it was really fun. We had a miracle, because we talked with the usually unreceptive mother of a young boy who wants to be baptized and she agreed to let him make the choice for himself. It was a good experience to see new methods and ways to do missionary work.

I´ve been seeing miracles with the language this week too. On several occasions, I have opened my mouth to say something that I hadn´t planned to say. I´m also understanding more and more, and especially understanding the things that I need to. I might not understand everything people say, but in general, I´m able to understand the most important parts so that I can understand the needs of the people we teach. I know that God is helping me with this language and I´m really grateful. 

I felt a great love for missionary work this week, especially after our district meeting. Missionary work is really hard, but it´s such a great experience. I´m excited for the things I´m going to continue learning and I´m grateful to be here. And most of all, I´m grateful for your support!

Sister Weatherford

The picture is of Sister Coelho and I with two of the young men in our branch on Sunday after district conference (a district is like a baby stake :). Please excuse the sweaty face.

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