Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 11 Sousa, Brazil

It was a great week! Every week, I grow to love this place and these people more. I continue to learn a lot every day, and I´m grateful to be here. This week, I got to try a Brazilian hot dog, which is completely different than an American hot dog. They take a normal hot dog and pile on sausage, corn, mayonnaise, and eggs. Yes, small hard-boiled eggs. It was very strange. One of our investigators asked us if we wanted hot dogs, we said no, and he said "I´m going to go buy some hot dogs" and walked away, so we didn´t really have a choice. It was pretty good though :) The investigator is named Sorato, and he has a lot of doubts and is trying to find answers to his prayers. We had a really cool experience with him this week, because after our lesson with him, he gave the closing prayer and asked for rain. When Sister Coelho and I walked outside, it was raining. I truly believe it was an answer to Sorato´s prayer, to show him that God really does hear him and answer him. 

Also this week, Sister Coelho and I got wolf whistled at by both a parrot and a human all in the same day. We helped a member family move to a new house and they rewarded us with delicious ice cream. We taught a lady named Fabiola who literally called her pastor while we were teaching her, and then told us all of the things he said about our church, most of which weren´t even true. It was totally ridiculous. We had a zone meeting and I got to meet lots of new missionaries who are in interior areas near Sousa. We had a family home evening night with lots of recent converts, and it was really great. At our zone meeting, we talked about working more with recent converts and getting references from them, so we´re working on that. We also had a branch activity that was a dessert contest, and one of our investigators, Cicera, pleasantly surprised us by coming to the activity. It also poured rain once this past week, and Sister Coelho and I went outside and got completely soaked just for fun. I absolutely love rain and it was a tender mercy. 

Despite all of the great things that happened this week, I have to admit that the highlight by far was yesterday. I got to Skype with three of my very favorite people on planet Earth (Mom, Dad, and Josh) and it was such a blessing. I can´t wait to see their faces and hear their voices again on Christmas!

This week, both as a result of Sorato´s prayer for rain and the blessings and answers I´ve received to my prayers, I want to bear testimony that God truly does hear our prayers. I know He loves us so much and He always answers us. He never leaves us alone. I also know that the tender mercies of the Lord are real and that He blesses us abundantly when we put our trust in Him. I am grateful to be a missionary and to help other people strengthen their relationship with God and receive and recognize more of His blessings in their lives. 

I love you all!
Sister Weatherford

The pictures are of Skype yesterday, a gigantic pig that was eating trash on the side of the road that Elder Borba (my district leader) tried to give a Book of Mormon to, and the parrot who wolf whistled at us (I know the picture is blurry, but I wanted to show how cool it is to be in a place where parrots just hang out on chairs outside people´s houses :) Also, a couple of old selfies that I didn´t send earlier, me and Sister Coelho and the other sisters, and Kelinha´s baptism.

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