Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Week 3 Provo MTC

I love the MTC more and more each week! My best news from this week is that my VISA TO BRAZIL IS PROBABLY COMING SOON! There's a website where you can check your visa status (we're allowed to check it during study time, so most of the Brazil-goers check once a day), and I absent-mindedly checked mine on Friday to see that it is on step 3 of 4 instead of step 1 of 4, which means that it has been processed and authorized instead of just "received"! My companion was so excited she screamed and knocked her chair over :) Our district leader was joking that "If only we were all as righteous as Sister Weatherford, we would all be getting visas!" Hopefully I'll get to go straight to Brazil when I'm done here at the Provo MTC :)

We had a devotional on Tuesday by Don R. Clarke of the Quorum of the Seventy, and it was fantastic. He talked about 10 things every missionary should know. My favorite points were that the day we'll be happy as missionaries is the day we come to love the people more than ourselves. He recommended that we pray for the people in our missions, so I now include the people of Natal in my prayers. His wife talked about how, as missionaries, we are on God's time and we shouldn't waste a minute of it. There will never be another time like this in our lives and we should cherish it. That message has been reiterated several times, and it's my goal to really make the most out of these 18 months that I have to be completely devoted to God and my Savior. (Also, I forgot to mention this in last week's email, but Quentin L. Cook gave a devotional last Tuesday).

Our teacher, Brother Sears, met with each person in our district this week to give us individual coaching. He said very kind things about mine and Sister Thomson's companionship and he wants us to be examples and leaders to the rest of the district. He also said that I'm a natural leader, that it's obvious that I'm one of the ones who really understands my purpose and is getting Portuguese, and, when I told him I'm majoring in Elementary Education, he said "I can definitely see that. You're a good teacher." :)

Also this week, we started TRC, or Teaching Resource Center, which is where they bring in volunteer members of the church and we teach them lessons in Portuguese. Sister Thomson and I taught two really nice people who recently returned home from missions to Brazil. They said that we speak Portuguese well, so we're either doing something right or they're just good liars :)

This week was basically perfect, except for one sad thing. One of the girls in our district who we shared a room with went home yesterday. She's been struggling a lot and it was the right thing for her to do, but we still miss her.

Sorry this email is so long! I'd better wrap this up, but know that I'm doing really well. We're singing a beautiful song in the MTC choir called "Behold, the Wounds in Jesus' Hands" that makes me really grateful for my Savior and even more grateful to be His representative. I feel so blessed to be on a mission and I am so happy to be here. Thank you all for your support! I love you!

Com muito amor,
Sister Weatherford

Pictures from this week: we took some temple selfies. They're not great, but oh well. The next two are of the girls in our zone. Another temple selfie :) And me and the girls I share a room with :)

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